How to Wear Coloured Pants?

Coloured Pants Justin Chatwin

Maxmayo Navy Chino

So this is the TOPMAN pants I’m talking about.

Coloured pants have been very popular and they are quite common now in Malaysia. I love the idea of  coloured pants  because it is a very simple and easy way to inject edginess into a look.

Coloured pants has been one of the items on my shopping list this year. I have a navy one from TOPMAN, but the colour isn’t sharp/bright enough to my liking so I’m planning to get another 1 or 2.

Coloured pants may be a trend now but I think it is also a utilitarian piece that you can wear just as often as your jeans. Hmm… a worthy investment.

Here’s a guide from GQ Rules 2012 Summer Fashion Tips on how to rock coloured pants:


Important Notes:

  1. Find the colour that works for you.
  2. Keep your top neutral if your pants are bright.
  3. If your top is coloured too, consider wearing colour from the same colour family as your pants.
  4. Bright Color: Not Save For Work

Tell me your experience with coloured pants. What colours you have now? Enjoy. :)

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