MaxMayo is a blog about very classy men’s style items that are worth buying.

This is a blog for those who’re looking for recommendations for quality menswear items or lifestyle products that are elegantly designed. (“Classy” is the word!) Our mission is to discover great products with classy designs that transcend time, hype and trends, at different price points.

On MaxMayo, you’ll find the latest classy items coveted by the industry insiders. You can also get smart shopping guidesstyle inspiration & style guides to improve your personal style, and occasionally, interesting stories about people and their passion and career.


You can contact us at max[at]maxmayo.com for any enquiry.


Founded by Max Law in late 2010, MaxMayo was originally a personal blog for his budding passion for all the beautiful things in the world of fashion.

In 2012, in the midst of transitioning his career from working for companies to a full-time self-employed web developer, Max decided to take the blog to the next level. Through out the years, the blog has garnered attention from local press and publications, earning him interesting opportunities and exposure such as appearing on live TV interview show, being featured on magazines and national newspapers, as well as attending fashion events and fashion week.

Along with Max’s maturing personal style and the blog’s evolving readership, MaxMayo has gone through a few reincarnations to become what it is today.

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