12 Instagram Accounts We’re Following

12 Menswear And Funny Instagrammers To Follow

I follow tons of accounts on Instagram, but in fact there are only a few that I’m really a fan of.

Instagram has been one of my favourite places to get style inspiration, but strangely enough, when I scrolled through my “Following” list this morning, I realised almost half of the list are not related to #menswear – they’re more of the comedic nature. If you see me staring at my phone and chuckling (or even bursting into laughter,) you can be sure that 99% of the time I was just checking my Instagram. Haha! (Don’t worry pal, I’m not losing it!)

If you’re looking for ideas for who to follow on Instagram, here are 12 best instagram accounts I’m currently a big fan of. I guess you can say it is a healthy mix of style and laughter.

Tell me if you know of any interesting (or funny) accounts!

Gary Pepper Girl

Instagrammers To Follow Garypeppergirl

Image: @garypeppergirl

Why I follow: Absolutely amazing, AMAZING pictures and also, Nicole is pretty. :P My inspiration source for photoshoot.


Alessandro Squarzi

Instagrammer To Follow Alessandro Squarzi

Image: @alessandrosquarzi

Why I follow: Mr Alessandro is probably the reason why I’m a big fan of white jeans. I’d love to look like him when I’m at his age! He’s super cool, stylish and effortlessly chic. He’s a an entrepreneur and talent scout.


“Girl with no job” / Claudia Oshry

Instagrammer To Follow Girlwithnojob

Image: @girlwithnojob

Why I follow: She is a FUNNEH lady! Hahahahaha! Period.


Elliot Tebele / “Fuck Jerry”

Instagrammer To Follow Fuckjerry

Image: @fuckjerry

Why I follow: Hahahaha! Ma favourite! Probably the funniest account on Instagram. Period.


Jonathan Daniel Pryce

Instagrammer To Follow Garconjon

Image: @garconjon

Why I follow: Amazing photographs – you can expect no less from an award winning photographer. I especially love his street style shots.


V Magazine

Instagrammer To Follow Vmagazine

Image: @vmagazine

Why I follow: V Magazine always share some very interesting and thought-provoking pictures.


Edward Honaker

Instagrammer To Follow Edwardshair

Image: @edwardshair

Why I follow: He called himself a “C-List Internet Celebrity” – you can tell he’s a very funny guy from his self-deprecating captions. I love his simple outfit shots and I always check his photos for photoshoot inspiration. On the other hand, his occasional selfie (and gym selfie) showcasing his zero-fat physique has motivated me to (re)start my treadmill workout!


Baddie Winkle

Instagrammer To Follow Baddiewinkle1


Why I follow: This 87-year-old granny is just too interesting. When life doesn’t go my life, I’d just say to myself, “Max, look at Baddie. Look at her.” Her timeline is my instant dose of motivation.


Norman Tan

Instagrammer To Follow Musingmutley

Image: @musingmutley

Why I follow: Norman’s outfit posts always give me ideas on how to style and what to shop next. He’s super cool and stylish. He’s the editor-in-chief of Buro 24/7 Singapore.


Roma Severov

Instagrammer To Follow Atramors

Image: @atramors

Why I follow: A tattoo artist whose works are always very classy and delicate. Need tattoo idea? Follow him.


Fredrik Risvik

Image: @fredrikrisvik

Image: @fredrikrisvik

Why I Follow: Fredrik style is very minimalist and his styling is always so on-point! I also love his style of photography, his wardrobe, his house, his…. basically, I’ll have what he’s having.



Image: @berno35

Image: @berno35

Why I follow: Although I don’t understand a word in all his Korean captions, I love all his pictures. He’s very dapper and super well-dressed. Always on-point!


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  1. Jeann Liew February 23, 2016 at 12:58 AM #

    Wow! Out of all the 12, none of them I follow, haha! (and I follow almost 700+, though most of them are inactive, in terms of they don’t update frequently enough). I used to follow Gary pepper when she was still blogging under a big group brand/blog called FELLT *_^ not anymore.

    I can see why you follow them, a mixture of humour and men style inspiration. I made a concious decision trying not to follow those who have crazy huge number of followers. Secretly I feel like they don’t need my likes that much since they have so many fans already. I prefer some quiet unsung heroes/heroines who needs my love and attention.

    Also, I really go through my feed every single day and I value my time. So I try to be picky *_^

    I recently noticed a very strange occurrence which I didn’t know before, why was that my number of followers fluctuated that much, which I know now. A lot of them are pretty insincere when it comes to following *_^ hence these days I am not too excited with new followers and numbers as I know well enough, after while, they will unfollow you… If they perhaps realize you don’t follow them back.

    I am babbling again! Stop! Haha


    • Max Law February 24, 2016 at 5:13 PM #

      I too notice the fluctuating numbers! HAHAHA