Tailor Your Shirt Online – “Get Personal” by Dude and The Duchess: Does It Work?

Online Shirt Custom Dude Duchess Malaysia

The first time i stumbled upon Indochino, I was very impressed. The brand managed to bring traditional tailoring to the online world. The idea of online customisation and free international shipping is a very strong selling point.

Today, I found a similar online tailoring service and this time I’m impressed because it’s made in Malaysia.

Dude and Duchess introduced their new service called “Get Personal” this month. It is an online service that allows you to customise your shirts online.


After trying the online application to customise a shirt for myself, I found a few interesting points:

Stuck at Step 4

Step 4 is to personalise your shirt, and I was stuck at the “Initials”, the “Front Hem” section.

Personalise Front Hem

Step 4: Get Personal

Front Hem Initials

The Pop-up illustration of Front Hem with Initials

Le problème: I don’t understand where is Front Hem. I’m also not sure of how my Initials will look on it.

Maybe it’s just me. But if I don’t get it, probably a lot of men also don’t get it? #JustSaying

There’s a need to visit the physical boutique to know how it’ll actually look like. Maybe using real pictures of shirt in the instructions can provide better visual explanation.

Delivery and Shipping

In the promo video, Timonthy Sangawa picked up his own shirts from the boutique. So I assume there is no delivery service? There’s no enough details on the site regarding this, if not missed out.


What will happen if the shirt I get is not what I expected? Is there some sort of alteration credits like Indochino?

“Get Personal” shirts are retailed at RM339. In conjunction with the launch, the brand is offering an introductory price: RM229.

Dude and The Duchess is very likely targeting their regular customers with the “Get Personal” service. To be honest, I’m more likely to make my shirt at their physical boutiques if I’m the brand’s first-timer.

Having said that, “Get Personal” is definitely a breath of fresh air for Malaysian tailoring industry. It is amazing that local brands are jumping on the bandwagon of online tailoring.