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Just found out this new Online Shop. Excited!

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The Lees Shop – Men’s Fashion Online Store, Retail & Wholesale

This online store is based in South Korea.

Go shopping now!

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  • Jon

    This site seems legit. Their ebay store reviews also seem credible. I’m thinking of ordering a jacket since the styles are so freakin tight.

    • eli

      did you ever end up getting anything from thelees? im curious as well and want pretty much buy everything they have their clothes rule….just wanted to see if it’s legit or not

  • Evan

    I was just wondering if you’ve ordered anything from them yet, and about the quality of their products? I happened upon them some time ago, but couldn’t afford their stuff. I have some extra $$ now, and want to order, but I’m getting nervous. A lot of the reviews I’m seeing aren’t exactly imbuing me with a whole lot of confidence. Also, I’m 6’5”, and about 190’ish. I’m curious about the cut and fit, if you have any feedback on this.

    • Hi Evan,

      I haven’t ordered anything from them so can’t tell you more about the quality. :)

      Their clothes are mostly slim fit, and you’re actually pretty tall for their clothes. I think you’ll probably need 2XL or 3XL size. However, there’s always a risk in shopping for clothes online.

      I’d recommend you to read this post: Know Your Body & Your Size (How to Measure). Once you know your body better, you’ll be able to decide whether their fitting and cut is suitable for you. :)

      • Evan

        Max, thank you for your feedback. The prices on their stuff isn’t too high, so I’m thinking I’ll give it a shot. But I’ll let you know, so you have some idea also.

  • Falk E

    Unfortunately I can’t recommend the shop! I bought a jacket and bought it in 2XL after measuring to be certain. I had a tailor measure me based on the information on the site and when my jacket came it was totally different then expected. The SlimFit look i hoped for was gone in the big sizes. I am 184 cm with 75 kg and the jacket is way too large in the back and has arms for a guy with double my armsize ( even thought I have rather well trained arms). Just warning you.

    • Hi Falk, thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  • Anna

    Although this blog post is old, but the comments and questions are relatively new, I’d like to say that I have ordered from TheLees through Amazon.

    I bought a jacket for my boyfriend and he received it within 3~4 days. He loved it! Fits him perfectly, was warm for the cold weather in New York and even his friend commented on it!

    I think most of the negative comments are from not being able to fit it (the clothes are much more targeted toward slim Asian males after all). So just pay attention to the fitting.

    My only gripe is that on Amazon their only shipping option is $19.99. But that’s ok considering my boyfriend received it within 3~4 days.

    So, yes, it’s legit and I recommend them. They can also be found at

    • Zack

      Hey Anna, I live in New York also and I was concerned about shipping. some people said they have had security problems with their package, did you have any problems?

  • eli

    i got my package within 3 days it was great…unfortunately the product didn’t fit…. i went and got measured at a tux place and the guy assured me the hoodie i ordered should be a large to fit me….it didn’t lol. but i’ve been in contact with the company they’re extremely nice and willing to work with you. the company rep who’s been in contact with me told me an extra large should fit better and is shipping it to me at his cost which is really great cuz unfortunately i had to pay to have the other one sent back but it was only like 25 bucks. the quality of the clothing is great too…just remember to order a size over what you normaly wear

  • siyabonga

    I haven’t bought anything yet but the clothes are amazing. They are so different to what i am used to seeing

  • Enr1Que21

    I Love Their Suits But I Want To Know If They Are A Good Quality Suits

  • Hi There – I really love their style so much, but I want higher quality stuff that will last a long time (and with real pockets!). Any suggestions for companies like this with higher quality product?

  • Max

    Hey i was wondering if any of the shirts would fit me. I am really tiny with a 30in. chest. I am 5’4″ and weight 94 lbs. will any of their shirts fot me???

    • Lance

      yes they’ll fit well because I’M 5′ 10″ AND 145 Pounds and the fit perfect.

  • musicality1395

    My boyfriend is 6 foot 3 inches and 220lbs what size shirts would fit him? He has an athletic build hes just really tall.