Very Classy: 9 Phone Cases for Men

Gift Idea Stylish Phone Case

Almost everybody has a phone nowadays. So, why not giving phone cases as gifts?

Here are 9 stylish phone cases (for men) to think about:

Gift Idea Phone Case Case Mate Slim Tough Case

Case-Mate Slim Tough Case – Black & Gold, $30

Gift Idea Zenus Avoc Milano Spiga Diary

Zenus Avoc Milano Spiga Diary, $40

Gift Idea Phone Caase Sena Heritage Lugano Leather Case

Sena ‘Heritage Lugano’ Leather Case, $60

Gift Idea Vaja Lab Vintage Metallic Leather Case

Vaja Lab Vintage Metallic Leather Case, $74

Gift Idea Native Union Marble Case

Native Union Marble Case, $80

Gift Idea Acne Studios Leather Phone Case

Acne Studios Leather Phone Case, $150

Gift Idea Saint Laurent Monogram Print Case

Saint Laurent Monogram-print Case, $175

Gift Idea Calypsocase Cario Edition Snow

Calypsocase Cario Edition Snow, $220

Gift Idea Burberry London Leather Flip Case

Burberry London Leather Flip Case, $250

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  1. Maria December 29, 2015 at 6:16 PM #

    I like the first one. :)