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It feels sort of cliché to mention about camouflage again now, but I’ve never actually dedicate a post to it. As posted on instagram recently (note: new kid on the block #follow), it’s camo-overloaded (in a good way, if you will) in Givenchy Pre-Spring/Summer 2014 menswear collection. It’s a sign that camouflage will still be a strong element in next year.

When it comes to trend and purchasing trendy items, my natural instinct always speaks to me: Would I still be wearing this after 1 year?

For prints like floral and camouflage, I guess they have entered Menswear Classics Hall of Fame. The trend might fade away one day, but it has become a timeless style men can embrace from time to time (as long as textile printing and military exist). I’d love to invest in some camo.

Camouflage itself is a visually attention grabbing pattern, and it can take center stage of your look, or be as subtle as just a dash of colours in your otherwise monochromatic outfit. Here’s a gallery of my favourite styling that showcases various ways to incorporate camouflage into a look:

Beard Camo Camouflage Round Sunglasses

Camo Bags Men

Camo Biker Bags

Camo Chukka

Camo Jacket Glove Bomber

Camo Jackets Men Trend

Asos Camo Jacket Men

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Camo Loafer Men Fashion Malaysia

Mature Men Camo

Camo Men Clutch

Camo Notebook

Camo Pants Fashion trend

Camo Pocket Square

Camo Shirts Men

Camouflage Shorts for Summer

ASOS Camo Shorts Denim

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Camo Socks

Camo Tee Shirts

Camo Tie

Camo Umbrella

Camouflage Khaki

Camo Shorts Hipster

Camouflage Suit & Blazer

Subtle Camouflage Tie

Dockers Camouflage Alpha Khaki

Alpha Khaki by Dockers (We’re having a Dockers giveaway here. Click to check out!)

Dolce Gabbana Camouflage iPad Case

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Gray Camo Jackets

Milan Vukmirovic Camouflage

Nick Wooster Camoflage Case

Subtle Camo Jackets

I’m thinking of a pair of camo pants.

Are you wearing camouflage recently? I’d love to see how you wear it :) So tag me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Hope you’re inspired.

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